The Cleveland Energy$aver® Energy Efficiency Program is an Affordable Way to Save Money and Keep Warm This Winter

The Cleveland Energy$aver® Energy Efficiency Program is an affordable way to save money and keep warm this winter. The City encourages homeowners, landlords and renters to prepare their properties for winter.

The Cleveland Energy$aver® program is now providing rebates of up to $500 and a pay-as-you-save no interest financing to eligible single-family unit homeowners and landlords.

“Winter can be a particularly difficult time for residents as utility bills tend to be higher in the colder months,” Anand Natarajan, Energy Manager, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability explained. “Homeowners who prepare for the winter by making their homes more energy efficient can see a dramatic reduction in their heating costs, with an improvement in comfort. We encourage City residents to take advantage of the Cleveland Energy$aver program, its rebates and financing options, to help keep their utility costs manageable.”

Empower G&E, the selected service provider of the City’s Cleveland Energy$aver program, will provide homeowners with free, 1-hour energy assessments to determine cost savings opportunities. If the homeowner then decides to move forward, the energy efficiency package can be installed within weeks. This package includes insulation, air sealing, LED light bulbs and a smart thermostat. “Poor insulation and air sealing are the primary culprits to people spending more on their heating bills than necessary. Plus, installing LED light bulbs provide year round savings regardless of weather,” said Jason Berdine, Director of Sales for Empower G&E. “By fixing these problems, we are seeing homeowners save about $400 per year on average. Those savings can have a profound impact on a family’s budget.”

The new rebate program is applied to the total cost of the energy efficiency package and tiered based on these installation costs:

Package Cost Before Rebate Instant Rebate Amount
$500-$750 $100
$751-$1,000 $200
$1,001-$1,250 $300
$1,251-$1,500 $400
$1,501 or higher $500

Additionally, regional utilities may be offering its customers rebates for energy efficiency upgrades. The Cleveland Energy$aver program team will work with your utility to secure available rebates.


Homeowners can also take advantage of a variety of financing options regardless of income. The Empower PAYS program (Pay-As-You-Save) is a unique, no-interest, no money up-front financing that pays for the installation of your energy efficiency package through your savings. “The Empower PAYS program is a way to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home with no or very low out of pocket costs for the package, Berdine continued. “Your savings of up to 30% on your energy bills actually pays for the package without needing to spend much, if any, additional money.”

To start the process, homeowners should visit or call 855-343-7884 to schedule a free, 1-hour energy assessment.

Lower income homeowners could be eligible for free energy efficiency upgrades through the Cleveland Housing Network and should visit to see if they qualify for their free weatherization programs.

About Cleveland Energy$aver

The Cleveland Energy$aver® program provides energy efficiency services to the City of Cleveland. The City of Cleveland selected Empower G&E to run the Cleveland Energy$aver® program, which is overseen by the City of Cleveland’s Office of Sustainability.

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About Empower G&E

Empower G&E is an energy services company dedicated to helping energy users decrease the costs of their energy bills through innovative products and services. Empower G&E is the official energy services provider for the Cleveland Energy$aver® program.

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