City of Cleveland Releases 2017 Pavement Management Study

February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017, the City of Cleveland released the Pavement Management Study and announced plans to implement the results of the study focused on worst first initially and then transitioning to the fix it first strategy.

The City hired Michael Baker International to conduct a pavement management survey of every road in Cleveland. The company, which started the survey in late-spring 2016, provided a grade for each road from A to F.

Although 60 percent of the streets received a passing grade, nearly 40 percent of local streets received a D or F grade. Based on the results of the study Chief of Operations, Darnell Brown said, “Michael Baker International has recommended the city continue with the worst first approach, fixing every F rated street first. Over the next 3 years, as these F streets are resurfaced, we will begin transitioning to the fix it first philosophy placing an emphasis on bringing the overall status of the City’s streets to a 75 PCR (Pavement Condition Rating).”

Report is linked cleveland-pavement-management-survey-2015-jan-2017

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