Mayor Frank G. Jackson Addresses Constituents Directly About Budget Enhancements in Facebook Videos

Mayor Frank G. Jackson presented to Cleveland City Council Tuesday morning an update on budget enhancements – which will improve city services and create new positions in critical areas like Building and Housing, Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Health, and more – from the funds generated by the voter-approved Issue 32.

Following the Mayor’s presentation to Council, he spoke directly to Clevelanders via Facebook and answered questions on topics ranging from youth violence to lead poisoning to safety. He also thanked voters for passing Issue 32, which allowed for a .5 percent income tax increase. About $80 million annually will be added to the budget as a result of the tax increase.

“I want to thank the public, the people who voted for Issue 32, for giving us the opportunity to have an enhanced budget that will allow us to deliver more and better services,” Mayor Jackson said in the Facebook video. “If you had not passed Issue 32, we would have been talking about laying off $40 million worth of people.”

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