Be Safe: Never Touch Exposed or Downed Wires

Protect yourself and others, recognize and report potentially unsafe conditions.

High winds throughout the city and surrounding areas today have left a number of trees, limbs and wires down. A high wind warning is still in effect until 7pm and wind gusts are currently approaching 60 mph at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The City of Cleveland reminds all residents and visitors to be safe. Please never touch exposed or downed wires, watch for loose debris in roadways while driving, and report potentially unsafe conditions to authorities immediately.

Cleveland Public Safety and Cleveland Public Power crews are working to find and make safe any exposed or downed electrical wires. Their training and equipment keeps them safe while they work. Most residents and visitors, however, don’t have the same protection so it’s especially important to remember the following when you see exposed or downed wires:

  1. Never touch exposed or downed wires no matter where they are or what you believe they are.
  2. Report the exposed or downed wire immediately.
  3. If possible and safe to do so, block access to the area to keep others, like curious children or pets away.

This includes wires hanging from a pole or on the ground as well as those inside the poles that may be exposed. These hold very dangerous voltages that can result in severe injury.

As with any safety concern we ask residents and visitors, “If You See Something, Say Something!” To report exposed or downed wires in Cleveland, please call 9-1-1 or CPP’s 24-hour Trouble Line at 216-664-3156.