City to Train, Equip All First Responders to Prevent Opioid and Heroin Overdoses

Mayor Frank G. Jackson Addresses Northeast Ohio Opioid Epidemic

Mayor Frank G. Jackson held a press conference Friday to address the City of Cleveland’s efforts to combat the opioid and heroin epidemic.

The Division of Police is holding trainings on how to use the life-saving drug Narcan (Naloxone), which prevents opioid overdose. When police training is complete, all front line officers, paramedics and firemen throughout the city will be equipped and trained to administer Narcan and prevent citizen overdose.

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Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and the Division of Fire are already administering the drug. Cleveland also is the first city in Ohio to collaborate with Project Dawn and dispense Narcan to citizens for personal use.

The City of Cleveland is committed to the safety of its residents, and is exercising a proactive, holistic approach to combating the opioid epidemic. The most effective method to combat overdoses is to administer Narcan. Mayor Jackson and the administration recognize the need to have the drug readily available for all first responders.

Watch the full press conference below: