Cleveland Division of Fire Reopens Downtown Station

For the first time in more than 17 years, there is a fire company dedicated to serving Downtown Cleveland.

Fire Station No. 28 in the Gateway District reopened this week, as a result of City of Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s 2017 enhanced budget.

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Station No. 28 supplements and provides support to Station No. 1, which serves several nearby neighborhoods including Downtown. The reopened station allows neighborhood locations, which formerly supported Station No. 1 to focus on its own communities.

The reopened station was debuted this week in a press conference that included Mayor Jackson, Fire Chief Angelo Calvillo, Councilman Kerry McCormack, Public Safety Director Michael McGrath and others.


About Nancy Kelsey

Nancy Kelsey is the Social Media and Digital Communications Manager for the Mayor's Office of Communications at the City of Cleveland.

5 thoughts on “Cleveland Division of Fire Reopens Downtown Station

      • Will it? At the city’s recycling center on Ridge Rd, I was told all fire stations have drop off bins. Is that not the policy? It’s a matter of some concern to us downtown apartment dwellers, since all of our usual bins have been removed.

  1. Sorry. I think the person at the Ridge Road facility may have misinformed you. Who did you speak to? We want to make sure they do not misinform others. There are plans for an east side drop off but that location has not been determined yet. Are you subscribed to our blog? When that location is determined, we will post a new blog about it.

    • I only know it was a woman sitting in some kind of control booth, I think wearing a headset.

      I signed up to get email alerts about new comments regarding my question–don’t know whether that subscribed me to the blog. But in any case, living in the Warehouse District, I don’t consider the opening of an east side location to be of much interest. I used to have two drop off points within walking distance, and that’s the kind of convenience the city needs to establish if you’re serious about promoting recycling.

      I think every residential building should have a dedicated bin right beside its trash dumpster. To be sure only recycling went in, you could lock them so only the building superintendents (along with the staff of any store or restaurant in that building) had access. Then it would be up to each property to figure out how its residents could deliver their recycling, within the building, to where the super could haul it out.

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