Cleveland Road Work Update: May 8, 2017

road work ahead

Thanks to Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s enhanced budget, made possible by Issue 32, the City of Cleveland is embarking on more street improvement projects in 2017 than years past. Projects span all neighborhoods and wards throughout the city.

Here are some highlights about this year’s road work:

    • Street resurfacing began on April 27, 2017 and will continue through the summer, weather permitting. The first resurfacing project took place in Ward 4 on Parkview Avenue near the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.
    • Potholes are serviced year round, weather permitting.  The Department of Public Works has increased its pothole crews from three to 10 as a result of the passage of Issue 32.
    • This year, with the completion of the Pavement Management Study we have a graded system that allows us to select the streets that are in the greatest need of resurfacing. We are using the worst first approach to road resurfacing.
    • We are projecting to resurface 95 streets this year.
    • Thanks to Issue 32 funds, the City of Cleveland has reinstated street sweeping services.

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Updates will be posted Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

About Nancy Kelsey

Nancy Kelsey is the Social Media and Digital Communications Manager for the Mayor's Office of Communications at the City of Cleveland.

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Road Work Update: May 8, 2017

  1. So happy that the potholes are being addressed in this election year. One question tho, why do they make a hump when they are patching? Now we have a hump to go over instead of a ditch to fall into. Also, please, please, please do something for Lorain Ave between W 105 and W 117. The potholes are many and huge. Thank you, Judy Miller ________________________________________

    • Hi Judy. Potholes are fixed every year around this time. However, this year there are Issue 32 funds that allow the Department of Public Works to expand its efforts. I will pass along your suggestion about Lorain Avenue between West 105 and West 117. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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