Mayor Jackson Expresses Support for Paris Climate Agreement

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, a key proponent of local environmental sustainability, reiterated his commitment to fighting climate change in the City of Cleveland, despite the White House’s decision to withdraw its support for the Paris Climate Agreement.

In a video posted to the City of Cleveland’s Facebook page, Mayor Jackson told viewers that the change in Washington does not affect the plans underway in Cleveland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

“We’re in support of a climate action plan worldwide and we’re doing our part in the City of Cleveland,” he said.

Mayor Jackson worked with 50 organizations to create the Cleveland Climate Action Plan. Some highlights of the plan, devised by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, include:

  • Improving air quality, water quality and public health
  • Increasing access to green jobs
  • Educating Clevelanders so they can make smart, sustainable choices at home, at work and in their community
  • Reduce residential, commercial industrial energy use
  • Lower the landfill diversion rate for both residential and commercial waste

Whether it’s planting trees, building green, creating healthier transportation options, or reducing waste and recycling, the City is increasing the livability of neighborhoods and enhancing the quality of life for all Clevelanders.

Click here to view a synopsis of the Cleveland Climate Action Plan.