VIDEO: City of Cleveland Adds 65 Vehicles to Police Fleet

On Wednesday, Mayor Frank G. Jackson announced that the City of Cleveland has purchased 65 new police vehicles to aid Division of Police officers in better serving Cleveland neighborhoods. The new vehicles are part of the Mayor’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative.

Here are some highlights from the press conference:

  • $20 million has been designated for the purchase of new city vehicles. This includes 65 police vehicles plus additional vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks and street sweepers.
  • The dollars invested in these police vehicles – cars and SUVs – originates from a $100 million bond issue passed by Cleveland City Council.
  • The bond has four key components to improve Cleveland neighborhoods: improving roads and bridges, bolstering the city emergency response fleet, upgrade and construction of city facilities and new neighborhood projects.
  • With the addition of the new vehicles, the police fleet has increased to 406 vehicles.
  • All of the new police vehicles include a technology upgrade that will help officers in the field and improve response times.
  • Every Division of Police district will receive new vehicles.

“This bond is important because it is making investments not only in the facilities and services that our residents depend on every day, but also leverages private dollars to grow and build sustainable neighborhoods in some of the most economically challenged areas of Cleveland,” Mayor Jackson said.

Adding New Vehicles to the Police Fleet

After the 65 new police vehicles come off the  delivery truck, they go through a thorough process:

They are assigned an identification code. Below, Harvey, a Processor with the Department of Public Works, assigns the vehicle a number.


Next, vehicles get Division of Police decals affixed throughout the exterior.

Then, the vehicles head to another garage where communications packages are installed

Lastly, the vehicles will be picked up by the Division of Police and dispersed to the districts where they’ll be used.


“Technology and equipment are extremely important tools of police work,” said Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. “We strive to give our officers the best equipment, so that they may continue to provide the best service to the citizens we serve. The purchasing of the new vehicles along with the equipment enhancements is an essential step in continuing to ensure a high level of service.”