Mayor Jackson Reflects on the Passing of Honorable Judge Jean Murrell Capers

Mayor Frank G. Jackson today released a statement on the passing of the Honorable Judge Jean Murrell Capers:

“On behalf of the people of the City of Cleveland, I extend my thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Judge Capers. She was as influential and trailblazing as any public figure in the City of Cleveland.

Judge Capers gave her time and talent to mentoring future leaders and was a tenacious advocate and fighter for the City, the Central neighborhood and the people. I remember her as a person who required excellence, order and professionalism. She was also the first ‘negro’ female member of City Council. But, despite her accomplishments, she never forgot where she came from, and stayed in the Central neighborhood until just a few years ago. Judge Capers was a colleague, neighbor and a friend; I will miss her dearly.”