Mayor Jackson Relaunches ‘Clean Cleveland’ Program

Mayor Frank G. Jackson today announced a relaunch of the popular Clean Cleveland initiative –a series of proactive efforts to clean, repair and upgrade the city. Clean Cleveland is a result of the enhanced budget and passage of Issue 32.

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Clean Cleveland aligns with Mayor Jackson’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, a series of legislation and programs designed to create a better quality of life for neighborhood residents.

“Today’s Clean Cleveland re-launch is just one of the ways we are working to stop decline, stabilize our neighborhoods, and position them for the future,” said Mayor Jackson. “With the passage of Issue 32 –and again I want to thank the people of Cleveland– we’re able to reinstitute this program and enhance services throughout the City.”

The Healthy Neighborhoods Impact Team staffs Clean Cleveland and consists of Public Works, Public Utilities, Building & Housing, Public Health, Public Safety, and the Environmental Crimes Task Force. Teams are comprised of 30 crews, 60+ employees, 20+ trucks and 12+ miscellaneous machines. Services include pothole repair, utility cuts, street sweeping, graffiti removal, grass cutting, fire hydrant painting and more.

Cleveland residents can expect to see city crews in their neighborhoods inspecting, fixing, and cleaning in a coordinated and systematic fashion. This initiative will run through November, weather permitting.

Examples of Clean Cleveland activities include: waste pickup with same day pothole repair, graffiti removal and catch basin cleaning followed by street sweeping the following day.

Residents can also participate in Clean Cleveland in the following ways:

  • Be eyes and ears for the community: report high weeds and grass, graffiti, standing water, street and traffic light outages, and abandoned properties and vehicles
  • Report illegal activity in and around abandoned buildings
  • Keep the neighborhood clean and healthy by disposing of waste properly, recycling, and keeping up with yard work and important repairs to the home and property
  • Adhere to the waste set out rules
  • Keep properties clean and free from debris. This includes sidewalks.
  • Keep an eye out for illegal dumping. Call 664-DUMP, to report any dumping
  • Move cars off the street when street cleaning signs are posted – otherwise, parking enforcement crews will ticket violators

Citizens can report concerns or let Clean Cleveland know how crews are doing by emailing or calling 216-664-2510.