Mayor Jackson Joins US Conference of Mayors & Anti-Defamation League in Compact to Combat Hate

Mayor Frank G. Jackson today joins more than 200 mayors from around the country in signing the “Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry.”

The compact – led by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Anti-Defamation League – calls on mayors to pledge their support to lead the fight against extremism, violence and bigotry in their cities.

Mayor Jackson, a longtime vocal and ardent proponent of celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion said:

“The City of Cleveland stands in solidarity with Americans around the country who condemn hatred of any kind and we recognize that our city thrives on the diversity of ALL of its people. The City of Cleveland has long been committed to protecting the civil rights of its residents and visitors – regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identification, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We reject racism, xenophobia and extremism and those who espouse such beliefs. We call on all of our citizens to help unite all Clevelanders in embracing diversity and equality.”

On the heels of violent displays of white supremacy, the compact has 10 key components aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion:

  1. Expressly rejecting extremism, white supremacy and all forms of bigotry
  2. Denouncing all acts of hate wherever they occur
  3. Ensuring public safety while protecting free speech and other basic constitutional rights
  4. Calling for fully-resourced law enforcement and civil rights investigations of domestic acts of terrorism
  5. Elevating and prioritizing anti-bias and anti-hate programs in our nation’s schools
  6. Supporting targeted communities and bringing together civic and community leaders to build trust
  7. Celebrating diversity, promoting inclusivity and challenging bias
  8. Promoting law enforcement training on responding to and or reporting hate incidents, hate crimes and domestic terrorism
  9. Encouraging residents in their communities to report hate incidents and crimes, including using hot lines and online tools
  10. Maintaining civil rights enforcement and strengthening hate crime laws when necessary

Click here to read the full compact.

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