Mayor Jackson Signs Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative Legislation

Mayor Frank G. Jackson signed 82 pieces of legislation Monday passed by Cleveland City Council at its recent meeting. Several pieces were the final parts of the Mayor’s Healthy Neighborhoods legislative agenda announced in March 2017.

One specific piece of Healthy Neighborhoods that is prominent in the legislation passed is the $65 million Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI). NTI aims to create development in Cleveland neighborhoods where traditional private development models have not been effective.

Here are some other notable pieces of legislation signed by Mayor Jackson Monday:

  • An agreement with Habitat for Humanity for home rehabilitation in targeted locations
  • Funding for a forgivable loan program for new retail developments in targeted locations
  • Honorary street naming for “Alma Cooper Way” on Hulda Avenue from Woodhill Road to East 110th Street
  • Designating Beulah Baptist Church and St. John Cantius Church (aka The Matt Talbot Inn) as Cleveland landmarks
  • Appropriating federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for anti-predatory lending and foreclosure assistance
  • Funding for citywide community garden efforts
  • Funding for homelessness assistance activities
  • Appropriating CDBG funding for the Senior Homeowner Assistance program, which helps low-income seniors with home repair and upkeep
  • Funding for the Storefront Renovation Program, which benefits Cleveland small businesses and the neighborhoods they serve
  • Funding for new hotel construction in the Hough area near the Cleveland Clinic
  • Additional staffing dollars for Cleveland Hopkins Airport
  • Funding for the Cleveland Opioid Response Action Plan Grant, which addresses what has been deemed a crisis in Northeast Ohio
  • Purchasing new recycling blue-wheeled bins for Division of Waste Collection
  • Funding for the Cleveland Public Theatre’s popular “Station Hope” project
  • Funding for purchase and installation of new steam heat boilers at the West Side Market

About Nancy Kelsey

Nancy Kelsey is the Social Media and Digital Communications Manager for the Mayor's Office of Communications at the City of Cleveland.

One thought on “Mayor Jackson Signs Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative Legislation

  1. That’s wonderful.Going to share with everyone I can..The mayor has a plan and is going to rebuild the inner city. We know it’s not a over night job. But the Mayor got it ..I love our mayor he has done wonderful things for the city..for years nothing downtown.Now is beautiful. The city wins Championship..New beautiful stadiums. And got us it.. I am voting for the mayor so he can continue to lead our City….. Great leader..Good Mayor and person..No scandle.Ever…Mayor Jackson..Has but a shine back into the city… Love it.Thank you…

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