VIDEO: Mayor Frank G. Jackson Holds First Ever Twitter Town Hall

Speaking to an audience today via Periscope, Mayor Frank G. Jackson held his first ever Twitter Town Hall live from his office in Cleveland City Hall.

City of Cleveland Twitter followers submitted questions by Tweet for the Mayor to answer during the town hall. Questions ran the gamut from topics including the dirt bike track, the Q Transformation deal, bike infrastructure, recycling and more.

Each reply to a question was posted in a separate video. The questions and video replies to each question are posted below:

Question 1: From user @DeikeBen – Why was the Q Deal lost?

Question 2: From user @Leucke8 – Do you actually think building a dirt bike track will help any of the city’s problems?

Question 3: Combined questions from user @danmoulthrop and @RyanSCollins – What is the City of Cleveland doing to make it more bike friendly and walkable?

Question 4: From user @FixRStreets216 – If I want to buy a large stock of current homes in Ward 7, what help can I get from City Hall?

Question 5: From user @Andy_CTOWN – What does the ‘G’ stand for in Frank G. Jackson?

Question 6: From user @TristanMedia – Are there places in Cleveland that will welcome those displaced from their homes in Texas

Question 7: From user @Tyler_tyler_inc about recycling

Ending on a lighter note, Mayor Jackson took a question from Cavs mascot Moondog who asked: Are these suffocating leash laws really helping anyone in Cleveland? Click here to view the Mayor’s response.

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