Temporary Road Closure Announced for Euclid Ave. Beginning Sept. 11

Euclid Avenue will temporarily close to east and west bound traffic September 11-17, 2017. The closure extends from East 6th Street to East Roadway. It allows a crane to be placed atop a parking garage at 515 Euclid Avenue.

September 11-17:

Local traffic will have access to Euclid Avenue from East 3rd Street north traveling east bound on Euclid to East 4th Street to access the residential parking garage on East 4th Street. Access will be allowed for traffic exiting the residential garage on 4th Street to Euclid west bound to East Roadway at Public Square.

Traffic will not be allowed access onto Euclid from Public Square and no traffic will be allowed access west bound beyond East 6th Street on Euclid Avenue during this temporary closure. All traffic traveling west bound on Euclid Avenue from East 9th Street will be detoured onto East 6th Street.

Pedestrians on the north side of Euclid Avenue must cross at East 6th Street to the south side of Euclid Avenue, and may cross back to the north side of Euclid Avenue at East 4th Street.

RTA will publish a schedule to divert bus traffic around Euclid from East 9th to Public Square during the temporary closure as well.

After September 17:

Euclid Avenue will reopen to two way traffic beginning September 18. East bound traffic will observe the normal traffic flow. One lane will remain open for all traffic traveling west bound on Euclid Avenue between East 6th street and East 4th street.

Changes to RTA Routes

RTA service (HealthLine, E-Line, and C-Line) that would normally use Euclid will instead use Prospect between Ontario and E. 9th.

HealthLine vehicle heading east will pick up at the casino instead of the HealthLine station.  That way, they can turn right on Ontario.

The project is scheduled for completion in February 2019. Expect additional traffic notices as work progresses.

Contact Andrew Cross for project-related questions at 216-664-3197.