Mayor Jackson, County Executive Budish Issue Joint Statement on Amazon HQ Bid

Mayor Frank G. Jackson and County Executive Armond Budish issue a statement today on Amazon headquarters bid:

“Cleveland is a city on the rise and we envision Amazon potentially being a major part of the region’s growth.  Our goal, with this proposal, is to integrate the organization within the fabric of the Greater Cleveland community.   The City of Cleveland, The County, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Northeast Ohio Area-wide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), Cleveland State University and our partners are no strangers to working closely to ensure that Cleveland is competitive.

This will be a community effort, similar to the process that this community undertook to win the Republican National Convention.  Just as we did then, we are pulling together civic leaders from government, higher education, business, and other crucial sectors to put together an aggressive, collaborative package; one that addresses all aspects of the Amazon RFP and highlights the essence of Cleveland and our competitive advantages.

We were an underdog during that process, yet we won. We are confident that working together we can highlight what sets us apart from the competition. This opportunity will have tremendous near and long term impact on the City and the region.”