City of Cleveland To Introduce New Public Records Management System

The City of Cleveland today announced it is testing GovQA, a new public records management system. The online portal aims to improve the efficiency of the City’s records request and tracking process, while improving public transparency.

GovQA will be available on the City’s website in mid-November and allows the public to submit requests, track progress and receive email updates.

“Public records should be readily available and we want to streamline the process in which citizens receive information,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson “The new system is not the final answer, but an important first step in a comprehensive effort to fulfill requests in a timelier manner.”

Visitors to the portal may create an online account or submit an anonymous request. Requests are then sent to the Public Records department and/or the requesting department(s) to be fulfilled. GovQA allows the City to create frequently asked questions and trending topics pages which will allow public access to information without filing a formal request.

“Although we are still testing the new GovQA system, we’re excited to have this innovative software available throughout the City,” said City of Cleveland Commissioner of Information Technology Kim Roy Wilson. “IT is training the necessary staff on the system and how to use this technology to improve departmental collaboration when fulfilling records requests.”

Following the launch of GovQA, requestors may still file records requests in person at City Hall weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – 601 Lakeside Ave., Room 106.

About Nancy Kelsey

Nancy Kelsey is the Social Media and Digital Communications Manager for the Mayor's Office of Communications at the City of Cleveland.

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