Guest Blog: Youth Contest Winners Have Brunch with Mayor Jackson

On Saturday, October 28, Mayor Frank G. Jackson invited winners of the City’s Let’s Chill Ice Cream Contest to brunch at City Hall. They were joined by Cleveland Division of Police Chief Calvin Williams and other chiefs and city staff.

During the course of conversation at the event, we discovered that one of the contest winners, Umar Akram, is a budding writer. He graciously offered to recap his experience in the following the blog post. 

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My name is Umar Akram. I am 12 years old. I’m an eighth grader at Citizens Leadership Academy, and the winner of the Let’s Chill Together contest. I love to write and would like to one day illustrate comic books. My cousin, Azraa Cozart, with myself and step-mom, Safiyah Sissoko were invited to Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s office to have brunch.

I learned about the contest from my step-mom, who thought it would be a great experience for the both of us. I thought it was nice that the community can get to see the police in a different way. The day of the brunch my dad drove us all downtown to City Hall and we signed in (everyone has to do it).

We rode to the second floor where the mayor’s office is located, and were greeted by his staff, who walked us in to see the mayor. We had to wait for a few minutes because the Mayor was busy, his office is huge with red carpets, big windows, and comfortable chairs. He let us sit in his chair and we took pictures with him. We were also interviewed by the city’s channel TV20. They asked us questions about the contest.

After the picture-taking and interview, we all went into the Mayor’s meeting area where we had a nice brunch. They laid out my favorite chicken and waffles, fruit tray, water and juice. I didn’t know the head of the table was for the mayor, but he let me sit there.

We had a nice conversation with the Mayor, asking him questions about his life, politics and talked about ourselves. We talked to some of his staff who were friendly and nice people. To top it off, we had all the ice cream we could eat!

I want to thank Mayor Jackson and his staff for an awesome day, I hope to see you again.

— Author: Umar Akram