Disciplinary Decision Rendered in Case of Tanisha Anderson

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Safety Director Michael McGrath and Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams announced today that discipline has been rendered regarding an in-custody death which occurred in November 2014.

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“The actions taken today are a result of a thorough investigation and the appropriate level of discipline was issued,” said Mayor Jackson.

Family members of Tanisha Anderson called police as Anderson was experiencing a mental health episode. During the course of the encounter with the officers, Anderson was detained and, unfortunately died. Patrol Officers Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers were placed on restricted duty during the criminal investigation and the following administrative review of the incident.

The case was turned over to a special prosecutor and a Grand Jury did not indict the officers, criminal charges were not issued. Meyers was a probationary officer at the time of the incident.

Since this incident occurred Cleveland Division of Police policies regarding crisis intervention training have been revised and the entire division is now trained in crisis intervention and to better interact with those dealing with a mental health crisis.

“The decisions announced today have a profound effect not only on our community, but on the men and women of the Division of Police as well,” said Chief Williams.  “These are difficult times; in the weeks, months and years ahead, our officers will work to provide the best service to our community.”

Following an administrative review of this incident by the Bureau of Integrity Control, the findings were presented to the Chief of Police. Chief Williams provided a recommendation which was forwarded to the Director of Public Safety for final disciplinary decision.

Today, the following discipline was rendered by the Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath and is effective immediately:

  • Patrol Officer Scott Aldridge: 10-day suspension
  • Patrol Officer Brian Meyers: written warning