City of Cleveland to Relaunch Waste Collection & Recycling Regulation Enforcement

The Department of Public Works, Division of Waste Collection will again issue citations for violations of City of Cleveland waste collection and recycling regulations beginning August 1, 2018. Download an FAQ sheet with commonly asked questions.

“With the successful roll out of the curbside waste and recycling program, we are moving on to the next phase of ensuring this program’s success – compliance,” said Public Works Director Michael Cox. “Compliance is essential to our efforts to become a greener and cleaner Cleveland. Our goal is to educate residents early so everyone is in compliance by August 1st.”

The Division will begin the rollout of the minor citation enforcement program with courtesy warnings issued now through August 1st. The penalty for violations after the courtesy warning period will be a $100 fine. Courtesy violations will be placed on the lid of roll carts.

Common violations that might lead to a $100 citation include:

  • Trash mixed with recycling, which results in contaminated recycling
  • Excess waste outside of the City issued roll cart. Only items in the roll cart can be picked up by the automated trucks.
  • Carts set out too early. Carts should not be placed out earlier than 12 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection day.
  • Cart violation – residents are required to remove roll carts from tree lawn and store by 12 p.m. the day after scheduled collection day.

In addition, violations may be issued for improper set out of bulk waste. Key points to note about bulk pick-up include:

  • Bulk residential pick up takes place the first full week of every month
  • There is a limit of three large items permitted for bulk pick up plus up to four tires
  • All mattresses/box springs and cloth furniture must be wrapped for the safety of handlers.

Although the courtesy warning period runs now through August 1, the City will continue its $350 citations for non-compliant large set-out violations. The setting out of construction materials, five or more tires, large quantities of bags or boxes and hazardous waste materials is considered a major infraction. These violators will receive a $350 fine.

The City will collect yard waste with regular waste. Branches and brush must be cut into lengths of three feet or less and tied into bundles that do not exceed 24 inches in diameter. All leaves and grass clippings must be contained in bags and there is a limit of no more than 20 bags per week.

“Over the next few months, the City of Cleveland will begin a series of efforts from videos posted to our social media accounts to posts on our blog to help educate the public about proper set out,” said Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown. “We need everyone to do their part to ensure we keep Cleveland clean by following important waste collection and recycling regulations.”

Click here to download a recycling tip sheet.