City of Cleveland Program to Repair Sidewalks Damaged by Tree Roots Begins May 29

The Tree-Damaged Sidewalk program will begin in City of Cleveland neighborhoods May 29. The City will provide notice with door hangers before work is scheduled to begin.

During the work, traffic and pedestrian access may be temporarily restricted or delayed due to the contractor’s operations. Two-way traffic will be maintained. Pedestrian traffic may be limited to one side of the street.

Motorists should be alert for traffic signage and flaggers used to direct traffic at the designated sidewalk repair work sites.

This project will include sidewalk repairs on multiple streets which sidewalks damaged by tree roots.  The improvements include sidewalk removal and replacement, root pruning or the removal of trees, if necessary.  If a tree must be removed, a new tree will be planted at no charge to the resident.

For questions, contact the City’s Section Chief of Sidewalks and Permits, David J. Weglicki, P.E. at 216-664-7296.