5 Things to Know About Improper Waste Set Out in Cleveland

The City of Cleveland in March announced that it would resume issuing $100 citations for waste collection violations beginning Aug. 1. Since the announcement, City waste collectors have left courtesy citations for those with violations.

Some of the most common violations stem from improper set out on weekly pick-ups and during bulk pick-up weeks. Here are five things to know to ensure compliance with our waste collection guidelines.

  1. All Non-Yard Waste and Recycling Must Fit In City-Issued Roll Carts – Items must be fully contained in the black waste or blue recycling roll carts. The lid should fully close. When items are left sticking out of roll carts, waste collectors must manually remove them before the truck can lift the roll cart. That takes time or can create a mess that waste collectors must spend extra time on. Items should not be placed outside of the roll cart.
  2. Yard Waste Can Be Set Out Separately – The City of Cleveland permits up to 20 bags of yard waste including grass clippings and leaves to be set out for collection each week. Branches and wood must be cut and in three-foot bundles. They should be no heavier than 40 pounds.
  3. Bulk Pick-Up Occurs the First Full Week of Every Month – In addition to normal set out items – two roll carts and up to four tires without rims – residents can also set out up to three items for bulk pick-up during bulk week. Bulk week takes place during the first full week of each month on residents’ regularly scheduled pick-up day.  Examples of large bulk items include appliances, tables and chairs, mattresses, couches and other furniture. For the safety of our workers, residents must wrap cloth furniture such as mattresses and box springs in plastic. Boxes and bags are not considered bulk items.
  4. Other Arrangements Can Be Made if You Need Bulk Pick-Up Outside of Bulk Pick-Up Week – To schedule bulk pick-up outside of a bulk pick-up week, contact the City of Cleveland at 216-664-3711. If you will have more than the allotted amount of items during a bulk pick-up, be sure to contact us about renting an additional roll cart or dumpster.
  5. Don’t Set Out Your Roll Carts Too Early or Remove Them Too Late – The City of Cleveland requests that residents set out their roll carts no earlier than noon the day before regular pick-up. For example, if your waste pick-up day is Wednesday, do not set your carts out before noon on Tuesday. The City also requests that roll carts be moved from the tree lawn no later than noon the day following regular pick-up. For example, if your waste collection day is on Wednesday, plan to remove carts by noon on Thursday.

Together, we can work together to make a cleaner and greener Cleveland. Have questions about waste set-out? Contact the City of Cleveland at 216-664-3711.