City of Cleveland Seeks Local Artist to Paint Mural in Rouen, France

The City of Cleveland announces an open call for Cleveland artists to submit applications to paint a mural in Rouen, France. The project is part of Cleveland’s long-running Sister Cities program and a celebration of the 10th year as Rouen’s sister city. Local artists must submit an application and portfolio by Friday, Oct. 26, 2018. Complete the application online via Google Forms or download the PDF here.

“The Sister City program allows the City of Cleveland to maximize our presence globally and demonstrate that we are a welcoming city,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “We currently have 22 Sister Cities and our relationship with Rouen, France is one of the strongest as it reflects a rich history of cultural and educational exchange.”

The partnership dates back to the early 1900s when doctors of the University Hospital’s Lakeside unit served in World War I in Rouen. Three of the doctors established the Cleveland Clinic; with headquarters in Cleveland, the Cleveland Clinic continues to serve nationwide.

One artist will be selected to travel to Rouen from Nov. 6- 20, 2018. Materials, accommodations, and travel expenses are paid by the Rouen city government. The mural is expected to be approximately 80 feet long by 32 feet tall and roughly 2,500 square feet. The mural will be painted in partnership with Rouen artists Idem and Mozaik.

In July 2018, Cleveland also hosted a 14-person delegation from Rouen.  They met with Mayor Jackson, local business and philanthropic leadership, and other government officials. Rouen artist Patrice Manchard completed the Market Garden Brewery mural abutting Cleveland’s West Side Market as part one of the international mural exchange.

“I apply my drawings on many kinds of different spaces, while wandering, while being in artistic residence, in art centers, in public spaces on invitation or naturally,” said Marchand.

The second half of the exchange is to send a Cleveland artist to Rouen to paint a mural in their city.

Cleveland has 22 sister cities around the world. Partners on this mural project include the French American Chamber of Commerce, Global Cleveland and LAND Studio.

For information on the Sister Cities program, visit online: