Cleveland Sister City Rouen, France Selects Mural Exchange Artist

The City of Cleveland today announced Rouen, France selects Cleveland resident Lisa Quine as the Sister Cities mural exchange artist. The choice follows an open call for Cleveland artists to apply for a chance to paint a mural in the French city. The project is part of Cleveland’s long-running Sister Cities program and a celebration of its 10th year as Rouen’s sister city.

Quine will collaborate with Rouen artists Idem and Mozaik to complete a 2,500–square-foot mural in Rouen this November. Rouen artist Patrice Manchard – who was selected by the City of Cleveland – completed the Market Garden Brewery mural abutting Cleveland’s West Side Market as part one of the exchange.

Cleveland has 22 sister cities around the world. Partners on this mural project include the French American Chamber of Commerce, Global Cleveland and LAND Studio. Materials and accommodations are paid by the Rouen city government.

For more information on Cleveland’s Sister Cities program, visit online: Follow the City of Cleveland on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow local artist Lisa Quine’s work on her Instagram page at @lisa_quine.

View Lisa Quine’s work:

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