Mayor Jackson Promotes 22 Cleveland Police Officers

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson administered the oath of office to 22 members of the Division of Police.  One member was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant to the rank of Captain.  Twenty-one members were promoted from Patrol Officer to Sergeant.


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Those promoted participated in a Civil Service examination administered in April 2018.  The supervisors will attend supervisory training within the Cleveland Police Training Section in the coming weeks. The supervisors will be assigned to the Patrol Section within the five neighborhood police districts or to specialized units within the Division of Police.

The role of Captain:

  • Captains of Police are distinguished by two gold bars on each shoulder.
  • Captains serve in an executive capacity and work closely with the leaders of Districts or Bureaus, and often provide relief for commanding officers during their absence.
  • Captains MUST be well versed in applicable federal laws, state statutes and municipal ordinances, as well as possess an acute knowledge of the written directives of the Division of Police.
  • Captains are expected to provide the leadership needed for accomplishing the goals and the mission of the Division.

The role of Sergeant:

  • Sergeants are identified by three stripes on each sleeve; sergeants are considered superior officers and must conduct themselves in a manner that earns respect from those they command as well as the public.
  • Sergeants take on a tremendous responsibility for the Cleveland Division of Police, as it is the sergeant who plans, supervises, and reviews the work of our officers to ensure superior services to our citizens are delivered.
  • Sergeants interpret, convey and ensure implementation of the Division’s policies and directives coming from the Chief of Police. Sergeants will respond to critical incidents, and must be able to make quick and sound decisions.
  • Sergeants must effectively communicate instructions to others while assuming the role of incident commander often during the most volatile stages of an incident.

Promoted to Captain was Matthew Gallagher.

Promoted to Sergeant were:

  • Jose Garcia                                Sergeant                #9227
  • Christopher Mobley                   Sergeant                #9228
  • Jacquelyn Bennett                     Sergeant                #9229
  • Michael Harper                         Sergeant                #9230
  • Kenneth Koney                          Sergeant                #9231
  • Michael Chapman                      Sergeant                #9232
  • Eric Newton                               Sergeant                #9233
  • Kevin Walker                            Sergeant                #9234
  • Christopher Hoover                   Sergeant                #9235
  • Kenneth Ryan                            Sergeant                #9236
  • Vincent Schneider                      Sergeant                #9237
  • Barry Bentley                            Sergeant                #9238
  • Ian Mussell                                Sergeant                #9240
  • Jennifer Hernandez                   Sergeant                #9241
  • Brian Middaugh                        Sergeant                #9242
  • Thomas Barry                            Sergeant                #9243
  • Saladin Sudberry                       Sergeant                #9244
  • Justin Cajka                              Sergeant                #9245
  • Higinio Rivera                           Sergeant                #9246
  • Reginald Lanton                        Sergeant                #9247
  • Ian Lower                                  Sergeant                #9248

You may download photos and video from today’s ceremony.