CITY DOGS Cover Pet Safety in Winter Safety Series Facebook Live

The City of Cleveland’s Division of Animal Care & Control talked with Facebook Live viewers about ways to keep pets safe this winter. On the Dec. 21 episode of the Winter Safety Series, CITY DOGS volunteer Isabella Esler shares tips that will keep your four-legged friends safe this winter.

Try these safety tips from the Division of Animal Care & Control for a safer winter:

  • Wipe your pets paws – ice, snow and salt can be harmful to paws. Use pet-safe ice melt around your home.
  • Look out for antifreeze and other poisonous chemicals.
  • Avoid ice – pets can fall into frozen lakes, ponds, rivers and other bodies of water.
  • Do not leave pets outdoors or in cold temperatures. Pets can get frostbite and hypothermia even though they may have fur.
  • Find indoor activities to keep your pet active throughout colder months.
  • Consider reflective gear when walking pets in nighttime conditions.
  • Take precautions – get your pet a microchip or a tag that includes you phone number in case they are lost.
  • Check local animal shelters and kennels regularly for missing pets. More pets go missing during the winter than any other season.
  • Include your pet in emergency evacuation plans. Designate a family member to be in charge of your pet in case of emergency.

The Winter Safety Series is a number of Facebook Live videos on the City of Cleveland Facebook page aimed at giving Clevelanders of all ages important information about how to be better prepared for winter and the holidays.

Check out our Facebook Live every week through the end of the year and follow #WinterSafetyCLE to learn more from our city departments about how to stay safe during the winter.

The series includes conversations with the Department of Aging, Division of Fire, the Department of Public Utilities, Division of Police, Animal Care & Control and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.

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