LISTEN: Mayor Jackson Discusses Revitalization of Cuyahoga River

In an interview with the radio show The Water Zone, sponsored by Toro, Mayor Frank G. Jackson – joined by Sustainability Chief Matt Gray and Utilities Chief of Public Affairs and Communications Jason Wood – spoke about his Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative and the Cuyahoga50 celebration.

“The river burning was not an unusual event. Having water catch fire was not an unusual event, not only in Cleveland but throughout the country,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson reflecting on the last time the Cuyahoga River caught fire 50 years ago. “It was part of the way in which our system operated. And our system operated to the detriment of clean water and the wildlife that existed in clean water and depended on Clean Water.”

He added, “Since then, places like Cleveland other Rustbelt Cities are not as heavily industrialized so that has played a major part in the river restoring itself.”

Check out the full interview in the audio below. Learn more about The Water Zone at Learn more about Toro at The segment begins at about 12:08 in the clip below.