Cleveland Deploys City’s First Interactive Digital Kiosks

The City of Cleveland, in partnership with IKE Smart City, began deploying Phase 1 of the city’s new interactive digital kiosks, IKE (Interactive Kiosk Experience). The multilingual kiosks will help users experience Cleveland through an innovative technology that delivers essential information and resources to the public. The digital structures will be placed throughout Cleveland over the next year. Check out the gallery below for photos of the kiosks.

“As part of my Safe Smart CLE initiative, the City of Cleveland is providing several new technologies that will help enhance the resident and visitor experience,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “The new kiosks are just one of the ways we are working to ensure new investments and capital improvements provide opportunities for all citizens to have greater digital access.”

The 8-foot-tall touchscreen structures allow users to find local attractions, events, bus routes, directions, restaurants and more. The kiosks also provide valuable services including safe shelter locations, food banks, job boards and civic resources. The digital kiosks facilitate navigation around the city by providing directions, mapping and real-time transit information for both mass and micro transit modalities. They will include advertisements and community-service messages which rotate as screensavers when kiosks are not in use. The new information portals replace the long-standing static triangular wayfinding kiosks

“We’re proud to support the City of Cleveland’s smart initiatives through the installation of the IKE platform.” said Pete Scantland, CEO of IKE Smart City. “IKE will enliven the pedestrian experience and offer Cleveland’s residents and visitors free services and improved access to community resources. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Cleveland landscape and are looking forward to our continued partnership with the City.”

Each double-sided kiosk will be equipped with security cameras to help improve neighborhood safety. They will also offer users the ability to contact 9-1-1. Other features include free Wi-Fi and pedestrian and vehicle traffic counts. IKE will also help streamline communication between the city and the community, serving as a platform for public service announcements and emergency messages.

The kiosks are installed, maintained and operated through IKE advertising revenue at no cost to the City or Cleveland residents. IKE kiosks and transit pillars will go live throughout the City in a two-phased approach. Phase 1 will focus on the Downtown area and Phase 2 will expand the technology into the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Providing digital access to residents is an important part of Mayor Jackson’s Safe Smart CLE initiative and his efforts to improve quality of life for all residents.