City of Cleveland Takes Steps for Return of Dockless Scooters and Bike Shares

The City of Cleveland has begun its application process to bring dockless scooters and bike shares back to City streets.

“The goal of legislation regulating this new industry is to ensure that there are rules and a process for shared mobility devices operating in the City of Cleveland,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Sensible regulation aims to make this mode of transportation safer and more efficient for all sharing the road.”

Dockless scooter and bike share vendors are invited to apply to operate within the City of Cleveland by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, July 26. They will be evaluated on a competitive basis by a City interdepartmental team. To access the permit application or to learn more about the application process, click here.

In addition, the City of Cleveland plans to hold a series of educational events in August geared at anticipated riders of the shared mobility devices and motorists who will be sharing the road with them. These sessions – to be held around the city – will allow experts to share with the public important information for the safe operation of dockless scooters and bikes. These community sessions will touch on info ranging from how to safely use the equipment to how to responsibly park dockless scooters and bikes to how to report issues and provide feedback.

What is Dockless Shared Mobility?

‘Shared mobility’ refers to individual transportation devices, like scooters and bikes, which are available to rent from vendors for short rides around the city. The scooters and bikes are parked on the sidewalk, lock to themselves rather than a bike rack or a dock, and are activated through a smartphone app and user account.

The City anticipates issuing three permits to dockless scooter vendors and three permits to dockless bike share vendors, with decisions announced by the beginning of August. Selected scooter and bike share vendors will be permitted to set out scooters and bikes for use as early as August 19.

The dockless scooter and bike program will begin with a six-month demonstration period extending from August 2019 through February 2020 to ensure safety and evaluate the impacts of shared mobility use. At that point, the City will have the opportunity to extend permits for another six months to vendors who can demonstrate their commitment to the City’s goals.

Mayor Jackson’s transportation vision is rooted in community health, equity, economic development, safety and sustainability. The dockless scooter and bike program supports a number of City plans and initiatives, including but not limited to: