Scooter and Bike Share Frequently Asked Questions

eScooters and bike shares have recently returned to City of Cleveland streets. Here are some frequently asked questions answered for scooter riders and motorists sharing the road.

How can I rent a scooter?
Riders can rent a scooter by downloading the vendor’s app – Bird, Lime, Spin or VeoRide – on your smartphone and setting up an account. Riders can also contact the company’s customer service center to learn how to access scooters without smartphones or credit cards.

When can I ride scooters and when are they available?
Scooters are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bird scooters became available on August 26, 2019. Other vendors will launch in coming weeks.

How much do scooters cost to ride?
Pricing depends on the vendor, but most rides cost $1 to start and then $0.15 to $0.26 per
minute until you end your ride. You can also contact the company’s customer service
center to learn about discount programs for low-income riders.

Where can scooters be parked?
Park scooters between the white line or anywhere on the sidewalk in the “furniture zone,” between the curb and the walkway. Do not block access for others. If a scooter is
incorrectly parked, call the number on the scooter to report your issue.

Can I ride on the sidewalk?
No, scooters should only be ridden in the street. Use bike lanes whenever possible and
follow all traffic rules.

What should motorists know about riding alongside scooters?
Share the road, slow down and drive with caution. Drivers must pass riders with at least 3 feet between the motor vehicle and the rider. If there is not room to pass safely, follow
behind at a safe distance until you can pass.

How fast can scooters go? Are helmets required?
Scooters can go up to 12 mph. Helmets are strongly encouraged and riders can contact
the company’s customer service centers to request a free helmet.

Can scooters be used in the winter?
Yes, scooters will be available for use in the winter when roads are safe and weather
permits. Scooters will be temporarily deactivated in cases of snow storms, ice or heavy

Are there age or other rider restrictions?
Yes, riders must be 18 or older to ride scooters. Other restrictions vary by company.

Where can I leave feedback or get more information about scooters?
Visit or email with questions or concerns.

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