What to Know about Cleveland Browns Sunday Night Game

On Sunday night, the Cleveland Browns will host the Los Angeles Rams. The City of Cleveland welcomes all fans, visitors and guests to Downtown Cleveland.

In order to ensure that fans have an enjoyable and safe experience during Cleveland Browns home games this year, the City of Cleveland would like to remind fans of the following rules and regulations that will be in effect for game-day parking and tailgating.

The Division of Police will have members detailed in the Municipal Lot, to traffic control and in the entertainment districts. 

Municipal Lot Hours

  • The municipal lot will open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Tailgaters will not be permitted to drop off pedestrians at or near the lot prior to 2 p.m.
  • Pedestrians will not be permitted to enter the lot prior to 2 p.m.

Illegal Parking and Traffic Violations

  • NO PARKI­­­­­­­NG along South Marginal Road
  • NO TAILGATING will be permitted on the roadway or sidewalk of the South Marginal
  • Motorists shall not stop or unnecessarily impede the flow of traffic on the freeway or freeway ramps
  • Violators will be towed

Open Fires and Grilling

  • ONLY Propane grills are allowed
  • NO charcoal grills
  • NO open burns (50 gallon drums or otherwise)


  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted in the Municipal Lot

Restroom Facilities

  • Additional restroom facilities (porta johns) will be available at the Municipal Lot
  • Tailgaters are reminded of the codified ordnances regarding public indecency

Municipal Parking Lot Tailgating Rules and Regulations:

The following is the full list of rules and regulations for tailgating activities in the municipal lot for all 2019 Cleveland Browns home games. The list of rules and regulations will be distributed to all vehicles upon entering the lot as well as posted on various signs:

  1. No open pit fires
  2. Propane grills only (No charcoal)
  3. No alcohol
  4. Saving spaces is prohibited
  5. Attendees will be charged for all occupied parking spaces
  6. No in and out privileges
  7. All liter must be dispensed in trash containers
  8. Vandalism of any type will not be tolerated
  9. Crossing the Shoreway is prohibited
  10. No private latrines (portable latrines are available in the lot).