Mayor Jackson, Council President Kelley, David J. Wondolowski, and Norm Edwards Address Ohio Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Cleveland’s Fannie Lewis Law

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Council President Kevin J. Kelley (Ward 13), David J. Wondolowski, Executive Secretary, Cleveland Building and Construction Trades, Norman Edwards, American Center for Economic Equality today, addressed the decision by the Ohio Supreme Court overruling Cleveland’s Fannie Lewis Law at a press conference.

Each addressed the need for and the successes of the Construction Residency Law (Fannie Lewis Law) which has helped to bring about the only state approved High School in Ohio with a Pre-apprenticeship program for the trades. The law, just struck down by the Ohio Supreme Court, has resulted in $32 million for residents who have been provided an opportunity to share in the work and benefits from the work in construction trades here in Cleveland.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it works,” said Mayor Jackson. “This law helped produce equity, and eliminate disparity. It is a partnership adopted by this entire community and the State Supreme Court just over-turned it.”

In addition, Mayor Jackson noted that residents should be concerned about the state’s eroding of home rule, which gives local governments the authority and deference to govern themselves.