Mayor Frank G. Jackson Delivers 2019 State of the City Address Oct. 10

City of Cleveland residents, neighborhood organizations, business leaders, and members of the general public participated in an evening of civic engagement at Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s 2019 State of the City. The event, held on Oct. 10 in Cleveland Public Hall, was free and open to the public for a second year. Watch the entire speech on the City of Cleveland Facebook page and on

“If all of the growth and prosperity gained by this city, does not translate into the well-being of the citizens of Cleveland, then it means nothing to me,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “That is the context of this State of the City.”

Mayor Jackson – currently in his fourth term – has committed to continuing the work of growing the city, while improving the condition of Cleveland’s neighborhoods. This State of the City address highlights achievements in the present term as well as new solutions to improve quality of life for residents. The mayor promised and is delivering on multiple plans to advance the city’s neighborhoods, noting they are vital to securing Cleveland’s future.

“If institutionalized inequity and disparity is the source of wealth and power for some, do we have the will to change it?” said Mayor Jackson. “We have to be innovative in our thinking, productively disruptive in what we do and accept that what we used to call success such as economic growth, and prosperity, education, neighborhood development as well as innovation and technology are just tools; tools that are necessary and essential to create a sustainable future, but they are only tools. Only when we accept this can we as a city be positioned for a sustainable future.”

Since his Jan. 2018 inauguration, Mayor Jackson announced large-scale neighborhood initiatives including the first phase of his $65 million Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, the Safe Smart CLE initiative to upgrade the city’s technology and streetlights; the refocusing of the city’s 21 neighborhood resource and recreation centers and more.

The Mayor has consistently communicated that increased public safety, balanced budgets, increased services to every neighborhood, ongoing school reform and economic growth in healthcare, education, research, financial services and manufacturing have come through the collective work of multiple sectors of the city. The State of the City highlights that continued cooperative approach to Cleveland’s evolution into a great city.

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