City of Cleveland Announces New Police Headquarters Along Opportunity Corridor

The City of Cleveland today announced the area near E. 75th Street and the Opportunity Corridor will be the new location of the Cleveland Division of Police headquarters. The massive complex will sit on 13-acres in the Kinsman-Union neighborhood and represents a substantial investment in one of Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative locations (NTI). The City estimates construction will begin in 2021 and complete in 2022.

View a map of the area. View the site map.

“The new police headquarters will fundamentally transform the delivery of Public Safety services in the City of Cleveland now and years into the future.” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Through this project and other significant investments in the Division, we are creating the necessary technological and logistical infrastructure to reduce crime while being more open and accessible to the community.” 

The new Public Safety Campus is part of Mayor Jackson’s vision to move the delivery of Public Safety services into the future by allowing for the full integration of advanced Public Safety technology and capabilities. This new facility, along with other enhanced Public Safety services components, will serve to reduce crime, increase service delivery, modernize operations and capabilities, and provide greater access and involvement with the community. It will be home to an estimated 650-700 full-time Public Safety employees.

The property will satisfy the City’s program requirements by providing the following:

  • Community center, public spaces and a Police Museum
  • On site evidence storage system and new filing systems
  • Command staff operations center

The LEED Silver facility will also align with city-wide sustainability efforts, providing a flexible and adaptable space that promotes staff productivity and longevity. The location also offers a parking garage, greenspace, and free surface parking for visitors. The campus’ convenient location in proximity to RTA, highways and public transportation will promote community accessibility and involvement.

“I fully support the selection of the proposed site in Ward 5.  The proposed location in Ward 5 along the Opportunity Corridor will be easily accessible to downtown and other parts of the city due to Opportunity Corridor and highway access,” said Ward 5 Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland. “The site is controlled by the city or other public entities and is large enough for the envisioned campus, parking and other needs of the division of police.”

Opportunity Corridor and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative

The new headquarters in the Kinsman-Union neighborhood and along the Opportunity Corridor strongly complements the mayor’s NTI. The goal of NTI is to invest in disadvantaged neighborhoods just outside growth zones and encourage the private market to return to these areas without the need of public incentives. The new facility provides a significant public sector investment to potentially kickstart private investment and provide momentum for additional construction.

As one of the selected neighborhoods, Kinsman-Union is also in proximity to large, anchor institutions that are interested and committed to transforming the neighborhoods they are located in, as well as provide job opportunities to their residents. By deploying new tools, programs, and resources, NTI aims to provide healthy, equitable and sustainable opportunities to build wealth and stabilize neighborhoods.