City of Cleveland Announces Updates to the Department of Public Health

The City of Cleveland today announced two significant updates to the Department of Public Health (CDPH):

As of Jan. 31, 2020, the department will no longer receive a $1.5 million state grant dedicated to educating and assisting the public in the prevention and spread of HIV/AIDS. As a result, the City will no longer provide outreach to clients with positive HIV or STI results; prevention services including, targeted HIV and STI testing, counseling, treatment, outreach and education; disease investigations; and health promotion work throughout the community. The City has requested information from the grantor as to why the decision was made to discontinue the grant and has yet to receive a response.

At the same time, the department has now achieved national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). CDPH is one of fewer than 300 health departments that have achieved accreditation through PHAB since the organization launched in 2011. This a significant achievement as the accreditation process is a rigorous, peer- reviewed assessment process that ensures a health department meets or exceeds nearly 100 national standards.

As a  nationally accredited health department, CDPH will  continue serving residents by providing a range of services aimed at promoting healthy behaviors; preventing diseases and injuries; ensuring access to safe food, clean air, and life-saving immunizations; and preparing for and responding to public health emergencies.