City of Cleveland Statement on Sherwin Williams New Global Headquarters

The City of Cleveland today released a statement on Sherwin Williams’ plans to build its new global headquarters in downtown Cleveland: 

“Sherwin Williams has been a part of the fabric of our community for 154 years. A new global headquarters in Cleveland lays the foundation for the next chapter for both Sherwin Williams and our city’s history. Cleveland has two of the largest business districts in Ohio, with world-class health care and arts & entertainment options, all connected to our thriving residential neighborhoods. The robust and vibrant quality of life here attracts the world’s best and brightest talent, as does our proximity to 25 colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio. Sherwin Williams recognizes these important strengths of Cleveland.” – Mayor Frank G. Jackson* 

*Statement was distributed part of Sherwin Williams’ press release on Feb. 6, 2020 announcing plans to build their new global headquarters in downtown Cleveland.

About the City of Cleveland Economic Development Incentives 

The City is working with Cleveland City Council leadership to finalize the incentive package details. It is expected to reflect the retention of current jobs, new jobs over time and the economic impact of the company’s project. Typical City of Cleveland economic development incentives include:

  • Non-school TIF
  • Loan and Grant Financing to Support Construction
  • Job Creation Incentive Grants

Again, the City is working with Cleveland City Council leadership to finalize package details.

View the press release and FAQ sheet from Sherwin Williams announcing their plans to build a new global headquarters in downtown Cleveland: and Additional information on the company’s headquarters is available