City of Cleveland Issues RFP for West Side Market Consultant

The City of Cleveland has issued today a request for proposals (RFP) for a consultant to help reshape the West Side Market (WSM) customer experience by evaluating existing practices and developing a strategic action plan to drive change at the Market. Click here to view the RFP.

“We are in search of a consultant that can think outside of the box to enhance the Market’s competitive edge,” said Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown. “As the historic institution continues to adapt to the evolving demands of 21st Century customers, the City of Cleveland seeks a consultant who can evaluate and recommend ways to enhance overall customer experience, vendor mix, and quality of products and services. We also want to create a process for customers to be able to provide feedback.”

Each year, the WSM attracts approximately 1.2 million visitors. The City of Cleveland seeks a consultant who can analyze and make recommendations on four main areas:

  • Administrative: Create a process and establish a tool to evaluate vendor performance and vendor selection. Develop a tool to receive customer feedback and evaluate customer satisfaction.
  • Entrepreneurial Growth & Recruitment: Provide recommendations on vendor recruitment. Develop recommendations to diversify products and services. Analyze the role of the Market as a business incubator and identify specific services required to support the success of vendors. Make recommendations for creative revenue streams that encourage repeat customer visits.
  •  Facilities Management & Capital Planning: Review West Side Market Capital Plan to focus on customer access to products, services and events. Review and assess the day to day maintenance practices of the facilities and provide recommendations on ways to increase efficiency, streamline project coordination and enhance communication with vendors and outside departments.​
  • Encourage Community Engagement, Outreach and Bridge Building: Review and assess the WSM 2019 Community Survey and 2019 Marketing Plan to create tools that measure customer satisfaction going forward as the vendor recommendations are implemented. Conceptualize a plan on how the WSM can enhance its strategic relationships while adhering to its core mission. Engage in collaborative partnerships with community partners (i.e. RTA, VA, Hunger Network, Cleveland Restoration etc.).

The action items developed by the selected vendor will supplement a number of investments and goals the City of Cleveland has recently announced. Over the past six years, the City has invested more than $5.4 million in capital repairs to improve the grand 107-year-old structure. Recent repairs include the installation of new boilers, improvements to some electrical systems, a new parking lot, roof repairs, new cooling systems and more.