Mayor Frank G. Jackson Announces ReStart CLE – Update #56

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson unveiled his plan for the strategic recovery of Cleveland’s economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. As the city began this recovery planning process, it engaged experts from Cleveland State University and local medical institutions and made a deliberate choice to build from a health and medical perspective in order to protect those at risk from the coronavirus and then incorporate economic and social support to help the people and businesses who need assistance.

View Mayor Jackson’s full plan here. 

View Mayor Jackson’s Facebook Live announcement here.

“If done right, this gradual reopening gives us opportunity to contain the spread of the coronavirus and restart our local economy safely. In order to safely and successfully do this, we must move forward with a thoughtful strategic plan, and faithfully implement and execute its components,” said Mayor Jackson. “If we do this, this recovery will make us stronger as a community – physically, economically, and socially – and the City of Cleveland will be positioned for a better recovery that is sustainable and benefits all residents and businesses.”

Strategic Framework

To support this approach and the implementation of this plan, the City made, and will continue to make, all decisions about programs and policy changes, as well as current and future recovery spending, based on three high-level, overriding principles:

  1. We will minimize the suffering and burden of people and businesses in our community who have been impacted by the coronavirus;
  2. We will better position all people and businesses in our community to be ready for and take advantage of the recovery; and
  3. We will make sure all people and businesses are better off as a result of the recovery efforts we undertake so that we can become a more equitable community.

The City continues to take numerous precautions across multiple departments and divisions amid increasing cases of coronavirus (COVID-19). Mayor Jackson’s order extending the City’s Proclamation of Civil Emergency is in place through May 31, 2020. Click here to view the mayor’s declaration.

Other Important Reminders

Recycling in the City of Cleveland is not Canceled

As a City, we have long prided ourselves on our commitment to sustainability. Since 2009, we have worked to embed sustainability across our City operations and the broader community. Changing the way we handle solid waste is a key component of this, and our commitment to improving our waste collection and processing features heavily in our recently update Climate Action Plan.

Recycling is a critical component of that commitment. You may have recently seen media reports regarding changes in the way we handle residential recycling and where those materials ultimately end up. We think it is important to share with you how we got where we are and where we intend to go moving forward. As a City, we remain committed to being good environmental stewards and we remain committed to recycling.

Residential recycling is collected by employees from our Department of Public Works and those materials are taken to our Ridge Road Transfer Station before being hauled away by a third party agency for processing. Our contract for handling those recycled materials expired on April 1, 2020. In anticipation of that contract expiring, we went out to bid on two occasions. The first time, no companies bid to take our recycled materials.

The second time we attempted to secure a new contract for these services, we received one bid. This bid would have charged the City of Cleveland tonnage costs that were well above market prices – potentially increasing our program costs by $6 million annually.

These unbudgeted, increased costs can be attributed to several factors. First, fundamental changes in the global market for recycled materials has changed dramatically since our citywide program was launched. When we launched our program, we were being paid for our materials. This is not the case any longer. Second, the company that bid on our contract had higher than anticipated transportation costs dues to the fact that materials would be hauled to Southwest Ohio. Finally, our rate of contamination in our materials is higher than we would like to see – about 68% of recycled materials are contaminated and have to be sent to a regular landfill – which increases the price we would have to pay.

We have selected a consultant to evaluate the entirety of how we address our local waste stream – including regular solid waste and recycling. As a part of this effort we have tasked this consultant with identifying what makes sense based on our local context, what is consistent with our commitment to environmental sustainability, and what is financially responsible. We expect this work will take a few months to complete and during this process we intend to have opportunities for public input.

Federal, State and Local Tax Deadline Extension Reminder

The Ohio house voted to extend the state’s income tax return deadline to July 15. This is the same date for local and federal taxes. View the bill summary with additional provisions here.

Cleveland Water Customers Should Flush Plumbing as Buildings Reopen

Cleveland Water reminds customers that an important first step when buildings reopen is flushing the plumbing when water has not been used, or use was significantly reduced, during the closure. By performing a full-building flush of cold and hot water plumbing, Cleveland Water customers are ensuring that safe, high quality water from our distribution system re-enters the building.

When water sits unused or underused in plumbing systems major issues can occur. In most cases, flushing plumbing and cleaning fixtures should address any potential water quality issues and restore the high quality of water that normally comes out of your tap. More information on flushing a building’s water supply is available here and here.

May Bulk Pick-Up is Suspended in Order to Adhere to Social Distancing

·       The City of Cleveland has suspended May bulk pick up to protect the workers providing this service. Using automated waste collection vehicles reduces the exposure to COVID-19 which can remain on various surfaces for a long period of time.  Additionally, social distancing for the safety of crews becomes possible with reducing crew size down to just one driver in many instances. Residents may drop off their items at the Ridge Road Station at 3727 Ridge Road. 

·       Proper Set-Out Reminder: Yard waste will still be collected. The City of Cleveland requires all solid waste bagged and in City of Cleveland supplied Black waste containers. Recycling material must be clean and loose in the City of Cleveland provided Blue container. All material must fit within your City of Cleveland provided containers.  Please do not sit loose waste outside of the city provided containers.

·       All eligible residences received waste and recycle containers. If they do not have one, they need to report it stolen, then call waste collection at 216-664-3711. They will provide guidance on how to obtain service and avoid a citation until a new container is obtained. 

Economic Development Resources for Cleveland Businesses

Mayor Jackson and the City have established an emergency working capital fund in order to help maintain the business community. View the summary and application here.

  • National  Business Resources
  • National Development Council Grow America Fund
  • Congress recently provided additional lending capital to support the Payroll Protection Program.  Businesses who applied previously and were denied or who are looking at applying should be aware of the availability of lending through the National Development Council’s Grow America Fund.  Applications are available at 
  • Economic Impact Payments: The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service launch new tool to help non-filers register for Economic Impact Payments:

County, State & Federal Updates and Reminders


Sign up for CodeRED alerts to receive calls and emails from the administration with important info regarding Coronavirus. To sign up online, visit, get mobile alerts by downloading the CodeRED app via the Apple or Google Play stores. Seniors who need assistance signing up are welcome to call the Department of Aging at 216-664-4383 for periodic phone call messaging.

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