Labor Day Safety Tips from Mayor Frank G. Jackson

Ahead of Labor Day, Mayor Jackson cautions Clevelanders to avoid get-togethers to slow the spread of the coronavirus during the holiday weekend. Watch the Mayor’s livestream covering these tips here.

Please remember, we are still in a pandemic. Mass gatherings are not permitted in the City of Cleveland at this time. We have to double down on our efforts to slow the spread. The spread of the virus at get-togethers with family and friends continues to be a problem. For the safety of those you love, please avoid these types of events.

Be sure to wash hands frequently, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask.

If you are grilling, remember that grills should only be used outside, at least 3 feet from your home and deck. Make sure to get out from under trees. Keep children and pets 3 feet away as well, and never leave a grill or fire unattended. Use caution with outdoor fire pits, and make sure they are extinguished properly.

If you’re swimming or have a pool, be careful around water and watch children closely.

Remember that fireworks are dangerous and illegal to ignite within the City of Cleveland.

Do NOT Text and Drive.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch for our First Responders—when you see them, move to the right and allow the emergency vehicles to pass on the left side.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend.