City of Cleveland Provides Update on Illegal Dumping Initiative

In an effort to keep the City of Cleveland clean and to minimize illegal dumping the Department of Public works has deployed various crews to help remove debris. Public works is currently equipped with the following:  

  • 10 debris crews working daily
  • 7 crews comprised of front end loads and dump trucks
  • 3 crews equipped with grapple trucks

These crews are strategically working to remove debris from vacant lots and abandoned structures in the following wards: 1,2,4,5,6,7,10,12 and 14. Crews also clean bridges, decks and underpasses along with removing graffiti from public structures. As of today, crews have removed debris from 1,780 locations and have 143 pending complaints.

How Residents Can Help

Residents can call (216) 664 -DUMP or the Mayor’s Action Center at (216) 644-2900 to report trash, debris and dumping that needs to be removed. We receive complaints from various sources and service complaints within 10 business days.

If a resident witnesses illegal dumping they can call Cleveland Police’s non-emergency line at (216) 621-1234, with the make/model of the vehicle and description of the individual(s) that conducted the crime. 

In the event that a conviction occurs as a result of an illegal dumping case from the information the witness provides and the defendant is fined. The witness is eligible to receive 50 percent of the collected fees. 

Residents are also encouraged to keep our City clean with the following tips:

  • Be eyes and ears for the community: report high weeds and grass, graffiti, standing water, street and traffic light outages, and abandoned properties and vehicles;
  • Report illegal activity in and around abandoned buildings;
  • Keep the neighborhood clean and healthy by properly disposing of waste, recycling, keeping up with yard work and making important repairs to the home and property;
  • Adhere to the waste set out rules;
  • Keep the property, including sidewalks, clean and free from debris;
  • Keep an eye out for illegal dumping. Call 664-DUMP, to report any dumping;
  • Move cars off the street when street cleaning signs are posted – otherwise, parking enforcement crews will ticket violators.