Cleveland Police Officer Arrested

Cleveland Police Patrol Officer Sean Bannerman was arrested by the Akron Police Department on October 29, 2021 for multiple offenses including both misdemeanor and felony charges.  The Charges include Aggravated Menacing, Using Weapons While Intoxicated, Improper Handling Firearms in Vehicle-Under Influence, Illegal Possession of Firearm in Liquor Permit Premises and Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.  Bannerman, 26, was hired in November of 2020 and is still a probationary patrol officer (in the probationary portion of employment).  He will be suspended without pay pending the outcome of the judiciary proceedings.  The Cleveland Division of Police will conduct an administrative review of the case and disciplinary action will be decided upon completion of that review. Click here to view the disciplinary letter.

Any additional information on this will be posted to GOVQA.