Mayor Frank G. Jackson Delivers 2022 Financial Outlook

Mayor Jackson today provided an update to employees, media and the general public on the city’s fiscal outlook for 2022. The mayor also reinforced the roles public servants play in delivering high quality service to every resident, visitor and business in the city of Cleveland. This is the mayor’s last financial update to employees, having overseen an administration recognized for 16 years of sound fiscal management. View the presentation and the Facebook Live broadcast.

“Careful financial planning is the basis for stability now and in the future,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Unprecedented challenges in the global, national and local economy have required critical, strategic and immediate responses. Our anticipated fund balances at the end of fiscal 2021 firmly position the City of Cleveland to maintain its financial health and its position in the region.”

The City has withstood the Global Recession, including a foreclosure crisis and financial collapse (2008-2010); state cuts in shared revenue and now the COVID-19 pandemic. The administration, City Council and the Courts have provided the foundation for that stability. Additionally, the citizens of Cleveland have also helped provide for this stability through their support of a one half percent income tax rate increase.

The City of Cleveland is a municipal corporation with total annual operating funds of just under $1.8 billion, 7,000 full-time employees and 1,000 part-time/seasonal.

The General Operating Budget supports the three branches of government – the administration, Courts and the Council. The Major Enterprise Funds encompass more than 40 percent of the city’s operating budget. The Cleveland Division of Water, Water Pollution Control, Cleveland Public Power and the Department of Port Control remain financially stable at this time.

Major Enterprise Funds Estimate 2022

General Fund Estimates for 2022

The City was also awarded $511 million from the American Rescue Plan Act 2021. It received the first half of this funding in the amount of $255.7 million in June of this year.  Legislation has been introduced for the following activities:

  • Department of Public Safety (Equipment & Vehicles) $ 26,384,315
  • Department of Community and Economic Development (Programs) $ 80,325,000
  • Department of Building and Housing (Demolition) $ 15,000,000
  • Department of Law (Professional Services) $ 191,000

In addition, City Council passed legislation to allocate $20 million for Citywide broadband, $5 million for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Revenue recovery for losses to the general fund during the pandemic of $108.9 million.

The City will receive the second half of funding in the amount of $255 million from The American Rescue Plan Act 2021 (ARPA) in June 2022, which is not included in any 2022 projections.

Despite the impacts of the pandemic, the City is positioned for the future and will continue to make investments that create increased service to the citizens of Cleveland.