Cleveland Police Commander Retires

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Director of Public Safety Karrie D. Howard and Police Chief Calvin D. Williams announce that Cleveland Police Commander Michael Connelly is retiring after serving with the Cleveland Division of Police for over thirty-one years.

“Commander Michael Connelly has served the City of Cleveland well, overseeing countless critical investigations,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Over the years, I have seen the effort he has put forth to solve cases and take criminals off of our streets.  Commander Connelly leaves a legacy of outstanding work behind as an example to those who follow him.”

Commander Michael Connelly most recently served as the Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations, overseeing the Investigative Section which includes the Accident Investigation Unit, the Homicide Unit and the Financial Crimes Unit, the Technical Section which includes the Crime Scene and Records unit, the Forensic Unit and the Photography Unit, the Special Victims Section which includes the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit and the Domestic Violence Unit, as well as the Administrative Section consisting of the Central Charging Office and the Criminal Statement Unit.

“I have seen the outstanding work done by Commander Michael Connelly during my time as a prosecutor,” said Director of Public Safety Karrie D. Howard.  “Commander Connelly has been an asset to the Department of Public Safety and has earned a long and happy retirement.”

Commander Michael Connelly was appointed to the Cleveland Division of Police in January of 1990.  He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2000 and to Lieutenant in 2002.  In 2018, he was promoted to the rank of Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations where he served until retiring on November 12, 2021.  Commander Connelly also served with the Ohio National Guard.

“I have worked with Commander Michael Connelly as an integral part of my Command Staff for many years,” said Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. “He has overseen some of the toughest cases the Cleveland Division of Police has been tasked with solving.  I want to congratulate Mike on a great career he should be very proud of and I  wish him well in his retirement.”