City of Cleveland Provides Update on Recycling Program

The City of Cleveland is committed to launching a revitalized program that will reduce contamination from curbside recycling, reduce program costs, and improve efficiency of waste collection operations. The expected start date for the recycling program is the first quarter of 2022.

Earlier this year, the City selected a new recycling vendor. However, due to Cleveland’s history of excessive contamination, including yard waste in recycling carts, the City and the vendor were unable to agree on contract details. Services for a new vendor will now need to be rebid, resulting in a revised program start date.

More than 27,000 households have opted in to the program and pledged to make recycling in Cleveland a success.  With the opt-in process and increased communication, the City hopes to minimize contamination issues in the future. 

Specific items that are recyclable will depend largely on the capabilities and equipment of the selected vendor. The City will provide a list of approved items for blue recycling carts and guidance on disposal of unapproved items. The City will also provide materials necessary to participate in the program and a calendar with recycling pick-up dates.  More households can also opt in to the program in spring 2022. 

Those who have opted in should look out for regular email updates about the program’s status, dates for the next opt-in period and tips for recycling and waste reduction.

Note: Anyone who does not currently have a blue City of Cleveland recycling bin at home, should let the City know by calling (216) 664-3711 or 3-1-1.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleveland’s New Recycling Program:

  • How many households are enrolled in the program?
    • More than 27,000 households are signed up to participate in the new recycling program.
  • Has a contract been signed?
    • A contract has not been signed yet.
  • Have appropriate items for recycling been determined?
    • List of recyclables will not be sent until vendor has been confirmed.
  • Has the pick-up schedule been determined?
    • Recycling will be picked up every other week. The starting week will be announced after contract is signed.
  • What will happen with blue carts from households not enrolled?
    • Blue carts will be retrieved from households not enrolled in the program. Some have already been collected. This will take months to complete.
  • Can residents still opt-in?
    • There will be an opportunity for more households to opt in to the recycling program in the spring of 2022
  • What if residents didn’t opt-in and still want to recycle?
    • Only two drop-off locations will be available until after the new program is established and education is taking place. They are: at the Ridge Road Transfer Center at 3727 Ridge Rd., and inside the Carr Center Garage at 5600 Carnegie