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Hey, Cleveland! We’re getting excited about the ongoing $1.4 million dollar investment in the West Side Market’s infrastructure and we want to share that excitement with you!

Our next renovation will be to upgrade the sanitary ejection system, or grease traps inside the Market. In order to do so, the Market will have to be closed from April 27 through Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

The Market will be open on regular hours and days leading up to the April 27 closure and will immediately resume normal hours of operation following completion of the renovation on Friday, May 2, 2014. We are asking the public to please excuse our short absence, while we make this critical upgrade to keep the West Side Market functioning as the premiere public market in the country.

To help spread the word about the improvements going on at the West Side Market, we want you to join us by sharing your photos, facts, and other experiences at the West Side Market through Facebook, Twitter, and!

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We look forward to your stories and photos! Don’t forget to shop at the West Side Market on days leading up to the closure on April 27 and during the re-opening on May 2nd!

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City of Cleveland Will Have Regularly Scheduled Waste Collection Pick-Up for Good Friday

The City of Cleveland Department of Public Works WILL collect trash on Friday, April 18, 2014. There will not be a delay in waste collection pick-up. For further  information regarding waste collection, please call the Division of Waste Collection at (216) 664- 3711.

Cleveland City Hall

Cleveland City Hall and all its offices, including Cleveland Public Power and the Water  Department will be closed in observance of the Good Friday holiday. Regular office hours will  resume on Monday, April 21, 2014.

Note: Willard Garage will open at its normal 5:00 a.m. time but will close early at 8:00 p.m.  The West Side Market will be open its regular hours from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (04/16/2014)

Below is a list of pothole completions and repairs currently in progress for April 16, 2014. Eleven hot asphalt repair crews and two Dura patch repair crews were on duty.

Repair Completions:

  • East 36th Street (St. Clair Avenue to Cedar Avenue)
  • East 17th Street (Lakeside Avenue Euclid Avenue)
  • Central Avenue (East 40th Street to East 22nd Street)
  • Kingsbury Boulevard at East 102nd Street
  • Kingsbury Boulevard at Easton Avenue southbound lanes
  • Dolloff Road to Mound Avenue southbound lanes
  • Bessemer Avenue (East 87th Street to East 55th Street)
  • 3732 Broadway Avenue
  • Independence Road (East 49th Street to East 46th Street northbound lanes)
  • East 115th Street (Euclid Avenue to Bellflower Road)
  • Coit Road (Kirby Avenue to St. Clair Street)
  • Martin Luther King Jr Drive (I-90 to Bratenal Road)
  • Eddy Road  from St. Clair Avenue to 475 Eddy Road northbound lanes
  • Milverton Road (East 140th Street to City Limits)
  • Miles Avenue eastbound from East 131st Street to Lee Road
  • Miles Avenue westbound from Lee Road to West 147th Street
  • Denison Avenue (Fulton Road to Harvard Bridge)
  • 15720 Norway Avenue
  • Lake Avenue (West 117th Street to Detroit Avenue)
  • Jasper Avenue (Bellaire Road to Oliver Road)
  • Adeline Road  (Jasper Avenue to West 107th Street)
  • Oliver Road to 10914 to Bosworth Road
  • Orchard Park Avenue (Triskett Road to Warren Road)
  • West 150th Street (Lorain Avenue to Puritas Avenue)

Repairs In Progress:

  • Highland Cemetery
  • West 153rd Street (Edgecliff Avenue to Fernway Avenue)
  • West 130th Street (Bellaire Road to Brookpark Road)
  • West 44th Street (Storer to Bush Avenue)
  • West 36th Street to West 39th Street
  • East 55th Street (Harvard Avenue to Dolloff Road)
  • 5501 Cass Avenue
  • Select areas on Rocky River Drive
  • East 13th Street (Superior Avenue to St. Clair Avenue)

Pothole Killer:

  • East 161 (Harvard Avenue to Invermere Avenue)
  • West 58th Street (Storer Avenue to Denison Avenue)
  • Williams Avenue (East 116 Street to East 127th Street)
  • East 127th Street (Williams Avenue to Buckeye Road)
  • East 126th Street (Williams Avenue to Buckeye Road)
  • Throcley Avenue (East 155th Street to Lee Road)
  • West 62nd Street (Storer Avenue to Denison Avenue)  

Last firefighter in shift trade case pleads guilty

A pre-disciplinary hearing will be scheduled for firefighter Calvin Robinson who plead guilty today to a misdemeanor charge stemming from a grand jury indictment last year prompted by the City’s internal investigation and audits of shift trades, payroll, timekeeping and record keeping in the Division of Fire.

As a result of those audits, the City hired former federal prosecutor Ronald Bakeman to assist the Cleveland Division of Police Internal Affairs Unit in determining if there was any criminality involved in the shift trade practices of individual firefighters. The resulting report was given to the County Prosecutor’s Office for review in August 2012.

With the audit findings and at the direction of Mayor Frank G. Jackson, numerous changes have been made within the Division of Fire, including the implementation of a revised shift trade policy in 2012, enhanced supervisory training and the use of technology to ensure more accurate payroll record keeping. In addition, as part of the on-going integration of the Divisions of Fire and EMS, timekeeping and payroll functions for the two divisions have been consolidated under the oversight of a civilian manager who reports directly to an Assistant Director of Public Safety.

Per city policy, Robinson was placed on unpaid administrative leave on May 22, 2013 pending adjudication of the felony and misdemeanor charges filed against him on May 17, 2013.  He will remain on unpaid administrative leave until his disciplinary hearing. He was one of 13 firefighters charged in the case. The other 12 firefighters each plead guilty to a misdemeanor in February of this year.

Last firefighter in shift trade case pleads guilty

PCU (Portable Camera Unit) Locations 04/09/2014 – 04/30/2014

The following will be active locations for the City’s Portable Camera Units (PCUs) beginning Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Legislation passed in May, 2013  increased the number of fixed camera sites from 24 to 49 and increased portable sites from 6 to 15. These locations will be active from April 9 to April 30, 2014.


  • 7800 Block of St. Clair Avenue
  • 17300 Block of Euclid Avenue
  • 6800 Block of Franklin Avenue
  • 8500 Block of Hough Avenue
  • 3200 Block of West 65th Street
  • 4900 Block of Rocky River Drive
  • 5300 Block of Lorain Avenue
  • 4300 Block of Payne Avenue
  • 2100 Block Clark Avenue
  • 4100 Block of Superior Avenue
  • 4600 Block of State Road
  • 11400 Block of Edgewater Drive
  • 4100 Block of West 150th Street
  • St. Clair Avenue and Lancelot Avenue
  • 2400 Block of East 55th Street

Division of Streets Pothole Repair Update (04/07/2014)

Below is a list of pothole completions and repairs currently in progress for April 7, 2014. Twelve hot asphalt repair crews and one Dura patch repair crews were on duty.

Repairs In Progress:

  • St. Clair Avenue  (East 56th Street to East 49th Street)
  • Fleet Avenue (Broadway Avenue to I -77)
  • St. Clair Avenue (London Road to East Boulevard)
  • Ivanhoe Road  (St. Clair Avenue to Euclid Avenue)
  • Woodhill Road (Crestwood Avenue to Quincy Avenue northbound lanes)
  • Bradley Road  (Jennings Road to City Limits)
  • Pearl Road (I-71 to Brookpark Road)
  • Kingsbury Boulevard (Martin Luther King Jr Drive to Kinsman Road)
  • Rocky River Drive (Fischer Road to Brookpark Road southbound lanes)
  • Industrial Parkway (West 150th Street  to West 160th Street)

Repair Completions:

  • Addison Road (Bonna Avenue to St. Clair Avenue)
  • East 21st Street (Superior Avenue to Cedar Avenue)
  • Woodland Avenue (Martin Luther King Jr Drive to Buckeye Avenue)
  • East 93rd Street (Woodland Avenue to Buckeye Avenue)
  • West 150th Street (Puritas Avenue to Brookpark Road)
  • East 131st Street (Harvard Avenue to Garfield Avenue)
  • East 131st Street (Miles Avenue to City Limits)
  • 6905 Bayliss Avenue
  • Intersection of East 83rd Street & Euclid Avenue
  • 1667 East 85th Street

Pothole Killer: 

  • Oak Park Avenue (State Road and Broadview Road)
  • East 65th Street (Union Avenue and Broadway Avenue)
  • Invermere Avenue
  • Glendale Avenue
  • Lee Road to East 154th Street



$1.4 Million Dollar West Side Market Infrastructure Improvements Continue

For generations Cleveland’s West Side Market has offered an authentic and culturally diverse shopping experience. As a cultural destination anchoring the historic Ohio City neighborhood, the Market attracts more than one million shoppers annually. The sights, sounds and smells can transform a Saturday morning shopping trip into a journey around the world.  But beyond its foodie allure and historic structure, the West Side Market is a city-owned and operated facility that adds value to our local economy and the surrounding Ohio City neighborhood.

IMG_9823webGiven its value to the Cleveland community, the City of Cleveland continues to invest in the 101-year-old facility, making needed repairs and improving the infrastructure.  Since 2010, the City of Cleveland has invested $3.2 million in the West Side Market.  Underway now is $1.4 million worth of work in the public and the vendor restrooms, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and roof and elevator repairs.

The next project to begin is an upgrade of the Market’s sanitary ejection system, or grease trap. Preparations are being made for this work and due to the size of the equipment and the building utility integration required for installation, the West Side Market will be shut down from April 27 through Wednesday, April 30, 2014. This timeline will adjust if uncontrollable factors, such as heavy rain, impact construction

This project is critical to market operations and will reduce back-ups of the Market’s plumping in the boiler room as well as improve access for future maintenance.

Other improvements include the following:


  • Public Restrooms: Renovation began in December 2013 and should be complete by the end of this month.
  • Tenant Restroom: Work will begin on the tenant restrooms when the Public Restrooms reopen.
  • Elevators: Repairs are underway to all four elevators.
  • Electrical: Staging is in process to upgrade the electrical switchgear, which when complete will improve electrical distribution to the building.  Electrical grounding will also be completed.
  • Lighting: New energy-efficient LED fixtures have been installed throughout the Market House and the project will be completed by the end of this month.  This will result in a brighter illumination of the Guastavino tile vaulted ceiling.
  • Exterior: The ADA operator on door repair has been completed. Repair and replacement of WEST SIDE MARKET letters on the south façade is underway. The replacement of the roof membrane and insulation on north and south flat roof areas as well as roof repairs to select areas of Produce Arcade are in progress.
  • Mechanical: Currently out to bid is a project to make insulation repairs to glycol lines and the chiller barrel system that operate the Market’s case refrigeration system. When this project gets underway this year, there will be additional closures of the West Side Market.

These improvements were identified as the most critical projects from a 2012 Facility Assessment Study completed by Westlake Reed Leskosky. These improvements are being funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

$1.4 Million Dollar West Side Market Infrastructure Improvements Continue